Yogurt Cup Filler

The Dairy Heritage fully automatic yogurt cup filler handles sizes up to 1 quart. It handles the complete filling process, including adding a foil seal. It optionally supports fruit on the bottom yogurt. The filler can be upgraded to handle multiple cup sizes.

You can set up to 10 preset filling configurations to allow easy switching between different types of yogurt.

  • Handles the entire filling, sealing, and (optional) overlid process
  • Missing cup detector automatically compensates if the filler fails to dispense a cup
  • Missing foil seal detector stops the filler if it fails to seal a cup
  • Designed for quick changing between cup sizes
  • Cup counter counts the number of cups in each batch, the number produced for the day, and the number produced in the filler’s lifetime
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel, with S14/#4 finish
  • Overlid
  • Fruit-on-the-bottom
  • Conveyor system
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Level control for automatically refilling the reservoir



Overlid (optional feature) Foil Seal Yogurt cup
View our Yogurt Cup Filler video