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Welcome to Dairy Heritage

Dairy Heritage is a quality provider of sanitary milk processing equipment. We manufacture new and custom equipment for the small to mid-sized milk processor and artisan cheese maker. Check out our new equipment section, which includes vat pasteurizers, bottle fillers, yogurt cup fillers, glass bottle washers, butter churns, COP tanks, ice builders, cheese vats, cheese presses, cheese aging racks, cheese bag draining trolleys, cheese curd handling systems, and other cheese equipment. We also offer other equipment such as HTST pasteurizers, cream separators, homogenizers, ice cream equipment, mixing tanks, liquifiers, powder mixing systems, and rebuilt bottle washers for glass milk bottles.

Interested in artisan butter production? At Dairy Heritage, we provide some unique butter-making equipment. We build butter churns with a sight glass. We subscribe to the slow-churn butter concept and our butter churns are a modern version of the slow-tumble butter churns of the past. We have a unique system of piping water to the butter churn to allow for ease of butter washing. This allows the butter maker to get more of the buttermilk out of the butter to prevent the butter becoming rancid.

Our systems also provide for the production of cultured buttermilk. With the use of a Dairy Heritage vat pasteurizer, a processor can pasteurize the milk and culture the buttermilk in one piece of equipment.

For a cheese maker, the Dairy Heritage equipment lineup includes a lot of useful accessory items to make the function of the Dairy Heritage cheese vat complete. We offer curd knives that match your cheese vat as well as specific curd knives for the Dairy Heritage cheese vats. Each curd knife is handcrafted to create a high-quality knife for a precise curd cut. A curd fork and a curd rake is offered to move curds to one end of the cheese vat along with stirring in the salt during the curd salting process. The curd fork and curd rake are both made entirely of stainless steel. A curd pail is available to move curds from the cheese vat to cheese molds. A Dairy Heritage curd distributor is a useful accessory to funnel cheese curds into small cheese hoops or molds (cheese moulds). A curd distributor sits on top of a set of curd molds and directs the flow of cheese curds and whey into the molds. For cheddar cheese production, we offer a curd mill to cheddar the cheese curds prior to the salting and hooping process. The Dairy Heritage cheese vat and the curd mill that we offer are designed to work together.

For soft or semi-soft cheese production, we offer a Dairy Heritage cheese bag drain trolley. Each drain bag trolley allows for the draining of cheese curds in cheese bags. After the cheese curd is drained, the curd can then be molded by hand or placed into cheese molds for further aging.

For hard cheeses, we offer a full line of Dairy Heritage cheese presses. Each cheese press is designed for proper function and convenience. We offer a counter-balance cheese press that is either free-standing or wall-mounted. A counter-balance cheese press uses weights and lever action to put pressure on the cheese molds. We also offer pneumatic cheese presses. These cheese presses are either in an A-frame design or a vertical design. A-frame cheese presses can be made as a two-sided cheese press or a single-sided cheese press. Vertical cheese presses can have enclosed cylinders or open cylinders.

We offer custom-sized Dairy Heritage drain tables for placing cheese hoops or molds for draining. Turning trays can also be used to make the turning of the cheese molds more convenient. The drain tables can be sized to maximize the number of cheese molds that fit on the table.

In addition to cheese drain tables, we also offer a complete line of heavy-duty work tables. These work tables are also custom-sized to meet the needs of your creamery.

The Dairy Heritage line of equipment is designed to meet the needs of a fluid milk bottling operation. Whether you are planning to bottle milk in plastic jugs or in glass bottles, we have equipment to meet those needs. For a milk jugging operation, using plastic milk bottles or jugs, the Dairy Heritage pasteurizers, along with rebuilt cream separators, homogenizers, and bottle fillers, provide a complete package for any small to mid-sized creamery.

The vat pasteurizer or the HTST pasteurizer is the heart of the system. Choose between low-temperature pasteurization with a longer holding time or high-temperature short-time pasteurization (which is still at a much lower temperature than ultra high temp pasteurization). For each Dairy Heritage pasteurizer, we offer an instrumentation package with all the instrumentation required to meet the PMO requirements. For the vat pasteurizers, we use the Anderson digital vat pasteurization package. For our HTST pasteurizers, we use a set of Dairy Heritage controls that allows for maximum flexibility and yet full compliance with all PMO requirements.

The cream separator is also part of most milk bottling operations. A cream separator is necessary to produce whole milk, 2% milk (reduced-fat milk) , 1% milk (low-fat milk), and skim milk (non-fat milk). The cream can then be used in butter production, ice cream production or for some other butterfat need. Some creameries choose to bottle "udder run” milk, as we call it. "Udder run milk” does not have the butterfat standardized or reduced. It is just as the milk comes out of the cow. Many of these creameries also offer cream line milk. Cream line milk is milk that has not been homogenized. It forms a cream line after sitting unshaken for a period of time. Chocolate milk is also easily produced. You can make whole milk chocolate milk or low-fat chocolate milk.

We offer accessories to go along with the usage of a cream separator. We offer portable cream cans or other cream tanks to store the raw cream. These cream tanks can be portable and rolled into a walk-in cooler for chilling. A milk can can also be used for cream storage.

After the milk is processed, the milk bottler is used to bottle the milk into plastic jugs or glass bottles. We offer single-valve bottle fillers, two-value bottle fillers, and rebuilt Federal bottle fillers. (A bottle filler is sometimes called a jug filler.)

If you are using glass bottles, you will need a bottle washer. We offer a Dairy Heritage batch bottle washer, as well as rebuilding continuous bottle washers. Continental bottle washers, Ladewig bottle washers, Girton bottle washers, and Cherry Burrell bottle washers are some of the brands that we rebuild and offer to our customers.

Each bottle filler needs a capping device to mechanically cap each bottle. The capping system is made up of a caps feeder or caps sorter along with a cap chute to move the bottle caps from the feeder to the top of the bottle where the cap pick up point is located. The bottle picks up the cap and then moves on to where a cap stomper / capping turret with a capper plate comes down on the top of the bottle or jug and seats the cap.

The bottle conveyor brings the bottles or jugs to the bottle filler and carries full jugs or bottles away from the filler. We offer a Dairy Heritage bottle conveyor system that is designed for flexibility with adjustable side rails, covers, etc. These conveyor systems are made up of a conveyor drive, a conveyor idler, and lengths of conveyor track.

Each multiple-valve bottle filler has a stainless steel filler bowl that has filler valves attached to the bottom. As a jug or bottle approaches the bottle filler on the conveyor, it enters the center guide and star wheel system and moves through the bottle filler. Most fillers are controlled by a filler control that includes a speed control for the bottle filler, a bottle conveyor control and also a level control to keep the milk in the filler bowl at the right level.

For yogurt production, we offer a Dairy Heritage cup filler that can be as manual or automated as you desire. Each cup filler can also be customized to include a fruit-dispensing system to provide a fruit-on-the-bottom style yogurt. Each cup filler can handle cup set as well as vat set / stirred yogurt. For drinkable yogurt, kefir, skyr, or yogurt smoothies, a processor typically uses a bottle filler. Thicker yogurt products are typically filled with an accurate dosing system on a cup filler. A Dairy Heritage cup filler can automatically dispense the cup, fill the cup with yogurt, foil seal the cup, and also cap the cup. A dater on the cup filler provides a sell-by date.

Dairy Heritage equipment for ice cream production is also available. We offer reconditioned ice cream freezers, and the Dairy Heritage vat pasteurizers and HTST pasteurizers are capable of processing ice cream mix.

If you need quality equipment backed by integrity , we can help. We provide planning and design of your plant to maximize your efficiency. If you are just getting started or upgrading your plant, walk through our info and planning section. This could help give you more clear direction, and save you $$$.