Crate Washer

The Dairy Heritage Crate Washer is an efficient, flexible solution for cleaning dirty crates. It has a two-tank design, with separate heating jackets and spray nozzles for each tank. This allows you to run your crates through two cleaning cycles for complete cleaning.

Maintenance is simple the nozzles are easy to remove for cleaning, and the two top lids give you complete access to the inside of the crate washer.


  • Two tank washing system gives you more cleaning options

  • Nozzles wash the crate from all sides

  • Easily add cleaning solution to each water tank

  • Separate heating jacket for each tank allows you to heat wash water the way you want

  • Water filters reduce nozzle jamming

  • Removable top lids for maintenance

  • Available in push-through and conveyor models


Stainless steel piping


Crate Washer Spec Sheet (PDF)

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