Cheese Presses

A-Frame Presses

The Dairy Heritage A-Frame Press functions better than typical vertical presses for larger molds. Customizable for round or square molds, the Dairy Heritage A-Frame Press handles stacks of molds easily. The stacks lean back and are held in place by vertical pipes.


  • On stainless casters; easily moveable

  • Includes controls for each cylinder

  • Easy to work with large stacks of molds

  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless construction

 4-Ram A-Frame Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

A Frame press

Horizontal Presses

The Dairy Heritage Horizontal Press accommodates large scale cheese production.  The horizontal press works well with round or square molds. Each mold is pressed evenly and not impacted by the cheese stacked on top of it.


  • Length is customizable

  • Includes controls for each cylinder

  • Works well with Wilson-style and round molds

  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless construction
2-Ram Horizontal Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

4-Ram Horizontal Press Spec Sheet (PDF)
Horizontal cheese press

Vertical Presses

  • Each cylinder is individually pressure-controlled

  • Work well with Trappist-style cheeses

  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless construction

Click here for the 2-Ram Vertical Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

Click here for the 4-Ram Vertical Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

Dual Press

Mechanical Presses

  • Work well for small operations

  • Wall-mount press works great for softer cheeses

  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless construction

Single-Ram Mechanical Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

Wall-Mount Press Spec Sheet (PDF)

Vertical press