Evening of Cheese Event

February 13, 2018

The Evening of Cheese showcases up-and-coming cheeses in the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as from other parts of the country. Come to meet the cheese makers and taste a variety of cheeses, from simple cheddars and goudas, to fresh, unique creations. In addition to cheese, there will be complementary products like yogurts, local artisan bread from Stoudt's Bakery, and jams and jellies for pairing with the cheese.

The goal of this event is to connect cheese makers with distributors, restaurants, and the public. Registration is complementary for buyers and chefs.

This event is part of the 7th annual Cheese Makers' Resource Conference. This conference brings cheese professionals together with experts in the industry for two days of learning, collaborating, and tasting cheese. To learn more about the conference, use the contact information below.

Date:       February 13, 2018
Time:       5:30-6:00 (conference attendees, chefs & buyers only)
                6:00-8:00 (general public)
Price:       $10 per person
                Complementary for chefs and buyers
Held at:    Yoder’s Banquet Center
                    14 S Tower Road
                    New Holland, PA 17557
Sponsored by: Agri-Service LLC
This event is held in conjunction with the 2018 Cheese Maker’s Resource Conference

Contact: Anne Martin
Email: cheeseconference@agriservicellc.com
Phone: (301) 223-6877
Mail: 11606 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740