The Dairy Heritage COP/CIP vat saves you from hand-washing your small equipment.  It can handle cream separator parts, filler parts, tank fittings, cheese molds, and more. We offer a CIP upgrade kit for cleaning pipelines and larger equipment.

The vat uses a robust spray rail to create strong turbulence in the water for cleaning.  The spray rail has a unique design that makes it easy to remove debris. This design is also less prone to breakage during normal use.


  • Can be customized to your size requirements

  • Standard size holds 100 gallons

  • Spray rail for effective COP action

  • Spray rail can be easily flushed out

  • Drain sump for quick and thorough pump-out

  • Strainer in sump

  • Quality, 12-gauge stainless steel construction


CIP kit

Heating jacket

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers


Baskets available for holding small parts while washing

Can be connected to an automated plant control system


COP/CIP Vat Spec Sheet (PDF)


Cop Vat

Watch our video on COP/CIP vats