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Cheese Makers’ Resource Conference

February 11, 2020

AudienceThe Cheese Makers’ Resource Conference is an annual 2-day event for cheese artisans of all skill levels. The conference has a variety of activities, including workshops, one-on-one sessions, opportunities to taste cheese, and an Evening of Cheese event. Over 100 cheese professionals from across the country attend this conference. Come to meet other cheese makers, sharpen your skills, and taste lots of great cheese!

The Cheese Makers' Resource Conference is sponsored by Agri-Service LLC, of Hagerstown, Maryland. Agri-Service manufactures the Dairy Heritage line of milk processing equipment, designed especially for small to medium-size processing plants. Agri-Service also provides a full line of new, used, and rebuilt equipment solutions.

Hands-On Cheese Making

Join our Hands-On Cheese Making class to get your hands in the vat and help make cheese! If you are a new employee or a beginning cheese maker, this class will help you to learn basic cheese making skills.

One-On-One Sessions

Do you have questions that aren’t addressed in the conference topics? Are you looking for personalized feedback? Several conference speakers are available for 25-minute one-on-one sessions. Bring samples of your cheese along if that’s what you want to discuss.

To make the most of your time, plan your questions ahead of time. These sessions take place during breakout topics. One-on-one sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cheese Breaks and Tasting

Each morning, we have a 30-minute cheese break. These cheese breaks feature winning entries from the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Also, on the second day of the conference, we have a hands-on cheese tasting workshop. In this workshop, we sample several different cheeses. The tasting is led by a panel of cheese professionals, some of whom have judged cheese for the American Cheese Society. This is a great opportunity to learn what to look for when you’re tasting cheese.

Registration information to come.
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