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Spec Sheet (PDF)

Cheese Cutter

Cheese CutterThe Dairy Heritage air-powered cheese cutter saves time and produces consistent cut sizes. It uses customizable wire harps for cutting. Unlike some other cheese cutters, the wire harps on the Dairy Heritage cutter are adjustable. If you no longer need a certain cutting configuration, you can reuse the harp by repositioning the wires.

  • Air powered

  • Adjustable pressure and speed for different kinds of cheeses

  • Cuts cheese in wedges or blocks

  • Customizable harps and base templates

  • Harps and templates are modular and can be easily swapped out

  • Harps can be reconfigured if a cutting configuration is no longer needed

  • Base templates can be designed to work with more than one harp

  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction


Horizontal cutting arm


Cheese Cutter Spec Sheet (PDF)

Watch our cheese cutter video

Drain TableDrain Table

Our drain table is great for working with soft cheeses on turning trays. This drain table has raised edges, a sloped surface, and a drain that can be clamped to a hose.

Drain Table Spec Sheet (PDF)


Cheese Bag Drain Trolleys

Cheese bag trolleysThe Dairy Heritage cheese bag drain trolley allows you to drain the whey from soft cheeses during the manufacturing process. It catches the whey for future use or for transfer to a whey collection system. The heavy-duty stainless steel casters have greaseable swivels and wheel bearings, and provide increased mobility and ease of use. Cheese bags hang by stainless steel S-hooks from heavy-duty draining racks.


  • Holds up to 21 cheese bags

  • Holds 50 gallons of whey

  • Quality, heavy-duty stainless steel construction

  • Cheese bag trolley4” casters with stainless steel cores

  • 2” Tri-Clamp® drain with cap and clamp

Drain Trolley Spec Sheet (PDF)