Dairy Heritage Quality Milk Processing Equipment

Welcome to Dairy Heritage

Dairy Heritage is a quality equipment provider of food and milk processing equipment. We manufacture new and custom equipment for the small to mid-sized food processor. We specialize in equipment to make your artisan product.

The Dairy Heritage line of equipment for milk processing and cheese making operations is engineered and designed for the small to mid-sized dairy processor and artisan cheese makers. With input from cheese makers and other food processing experts, we have been able to offer a line of pasteurization, bottle filling, cup filling, and cheese making equipment that is user friendly and efficient.

The Dairy Heritage brand is all about high quality while maintaining affordability for the artisan cheese makers, small bottling plants, and other farmstead food processing ventures. Dairy Heritage equipment is built in Pennsylvania and Maryland by craftsmen in stainless steel manufacturing therefore we are known for our exceptional quality equipment that is designed for years of service.

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